English meaning: line
    Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘streifen”?
    Material: O.Ind. üli-, ülī f. ‘stripe, line” could belong to Gk. ὠλίγγη “ wrinkle under the eyes “ (*ōlin-g-ü); here one could also put O.Ice. üll (IE *ēlo-) “gully or dent in river, deep valley between rocks, furrow or stripe along the back of animals “; compare O.Ice. ülōttr “ striped, lined, having stripes or bands “, Nor. dial. aal = O.Ice. üll and Ger. Aal “ stripes in the cloth “; Ger. Aalstreif, -strich “ stripes on the back of animals “ nevertheless, could belong though to Ger. Aal “eel”, whereas vice versa the possibility of the naming of the eel after its long-stretched figure would be possible.
    References: WP. I 155, Specht Decl. 213.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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